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sharing the play of jump rope

SkipSquad engages kids in a fun and progressive program

using jump rope and physical education curriculum to improve the health, wellness, and fitness of participants. 

Why Us
Physical Literacy-01.png

physical literacy

SkipSquad helps kids be motivated to move, learn how to move, and feel confidence to move.

Lifelong Fitness-01.png

lifelong physical fitness

Through SkipSquad's fun games, challenges, and learning objectives, kids develop an increase in lifelong participation in physical activity. 

Improved Performance-01.png

improved performance

SkipSquad improves the working memory, cognitive flexibility, and self-regulation of kids.

Minutes of Jump Rope 

Minutes of Jogging

*American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation

How It Works

"There is always a new adventure in SkipSquad. Our kids love the characters and fun games!"

Cindy, PE Instructor, USA


10 min of jump rope


30 min of running 


*US Center for Disease Control and Prevention

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